The longest and farthest road in this world is a routine for some merchants. Don’t believe, before the double eleven hand, Xiaobian organizes a shopping trap to avoid guidelines. After reading the promotional slots and recommendations listed in this article, this year, don’t want to set up again!


Trough 1: Is this what to buy something or a mathematical question?

Akang said: Simple and direct, buy one get one free.


Double eleven discounts, full reduction, deductive activities have been covered, but this has not bought it yet, a bunch of complex preferential terms and combination calculations have made many people to stepping. For example, pay the deposit in advance, the double eleven days 0-2 points is three times expansion, 2 points after the deposit is converted to 50 yuan coupon, and the order of the top 200 paid payment can be exempted from deposits, but also overlap The store is over 400 minus 50 (the stacking threshold is the total amount of payment must be greater than 800), or overlapping 500 hits 8.8% discount coupons (the stacking threshold is the total amount of payment must be greater than), the two cannot be superimposed simultaneously … So, how to buy it Best prices?

Oh my god! These offer rules are the IQ tax that is not allowed to pay for it in the year ?! It is already very tired of work, why can’t the consumption can’t be easy and directly!

In contrast, Aoang this year’s double eleven promotional activities are simply a blend of clearings – simple four words: buy one get one! Buy a pair, send a pair, use a price to put two pairs of laces go home. At a glance, there is no additional threshold and complex rules. The only problem, it may be that Aokang autumn and winter new looks good – men’s shoes, women’s boots, bags; business, urban, sports – simply can’t pick it up!

Trouble 2: Deposit does not refund, limited time, impulsive consumption is the devil!


Akang said: Buy one get one free from November 1st to 13th.

With the increasing nearest double eleven, the last three differences will see this feeling in the circle of friends.

“Limited time and low price”, “Don’t have any”, “Don’t buy regret a whole year”, etc., such as promotional discomfort, will be very inciting consumers’ shopping desire. Many offers are only limited to or dozens of valid within a few hours or dozens of trips, resulting in the items that often buy themselves or less likely. In this friendship reminding yourself, many of the double eleven pre-sale deposits of the goods are not! Return !! See this kind of discount form, please think twice before order!

Different, the preferential period of Okang this year is starting from the beginning of November, and it will be nearly half a month. From November 1st to 13th, the 13-day, real-truthful discounts. Consumers have enough time to choose, slowly consider, this 13 days will come to the store to try on the purchase, can enjoy the buy one. So, it is better to go to your good girlfriend, come to Okang shop to buy double autumn and winter sisters! Martin boots, snow boots, over knee boots, thick boots, high heels … Sexy, retro, street, trend … everything should be .

Slot point three: double eleven first price increase again!

Aikang said: 明 码 price, autumn and winter new products buy one get one free.

Netizens of many eyes have discovered that some goods raised their original prices in front of the double eleven, and then play a “double eleven price” on the basis of the original price. Many differences. Therefore, the wool is finally in the sheep, these discounts are “welfare” or “trap”? I can only say: “I can’t afford to play, thank you!”

Confused Aikang double eleven promotion, there is no so-called double eleven exclusive “original price”, the whole autumn and winter new product is high, buy one get one free. Promotions, pay attention is domineering, simple and rude!

In addition to the above three public slots, this year, the merchants have new patterns in the preferential gameplay, team, praise, invite friends to help … Every time they have to spend a lot of time energy, and some are even accompanied by various invisible consumption, The shopping troops that are ready to move are really unfair. For example, in order to grab the coupon, the team praised PK. In order to win the victory, there will be a new business, and I don’t know if the final coupon has more money.

People who tell the matter, mathematics and reading understand the double eleven? In fact, the promotion is not a mathematical question. Double eleven, consumers really want is the simple atmospheric promotion rules like Aoko!

Lost complex game rules and multiple combination calculations, Aikang double eleven, buy! 1! Send! Welcome to the store to try on the purchase. Of course, in addition to the store, “take a single double, buy one get one free” domineering, from November 5th to 11th, it is also possible to overlap the Aikang applet with a single fold of 399 minus 50, or Hand Tao Enjoy 500 minus 100 discounts. Don’t buy it at this time, when you stay!